The current marketscape is more volatile than ever with innovation taking place in many industries. To address these dynamic changes, appropriate information and intelligence are essential. They are key to success for any business or organization. Thus, the demand for such information is high. However, meaningful information must be uncovered and synthesized into something that can be useful. Acquiring such information is usually cost and time prohibitive.

Current market research firms are outdated. They use lumbering research methodologies whose approach is linear and bureaucratic. Many rely on obsolete data collection techniques such as land line telephone surveys. In addition to being ineffective, they are also expensive. Other research firms have jumped on the ‘social media’ bandwagon to scrape its data without really analyzing the underlying context of the new technology. Many prospective clients are justifiably skeptical of the return on their research investment. However, technology is a tool, and when used appropriately,  yields powerful and intuitive results. That is what we aim to accomplish.

The Craciun Group is a specialty market research firm that provides customized solutions to organizations of various types. By implementing a more modern and efficient research process, greater emphasis is placed on analysis and interpretation of relevant data. This approach prioritizes the client’s particular situation throughout the entire process, thereby minimizing irrelevant content. Instead, the client is presented with digested and actionable information. All conclusions and recommendations are supported by clear statements of basis, and assumptions are explicitly described in the appropriate context.

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