Who we are

The adage is that investors invest in people and not products. And historically, a company’s team is one of the best predictors of success. Our team has demonstrated success for many years all along the West Coast. We are proud of our work and our people.

The Craciun Group is woman, LGBT and veteran-owned. We advocate for each individual's worth and uphold an ethical approach in everything we do.


Jean Craciun, President & CEO

Ms. Craciun is considered by many to be one of the most innovative applied market researchers in the Pacific Northwest. Her sociological training enables her to help organizations conduct successful  studies across many fields. In all her work, Jean Craciun strives to achieve a standard of excellence, not only in the depth of her investigation, but also in her integrity as a researcher. For the past 28 years, Ms. Craciun has conducted comprehensive marketing research projects throughout Alaska, the U.S. and the world, with subject matter ranging from cultural issues, transportation, healthcare, politics and education to evaluating essential programs for healthy lifestyles.

Ms. Craciun serves on the Professional Standards Board for the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), an international leader in establishing competencies endorsed for professional qualitative research consultants. Jean Craciun teaches graduate-level International Marketing and Marketing Strategy and Research courses and trains professionals on research methods and ethics.

Dr. Yvonne Yarbro Bejarano, Qualitative Research Analyst

Ms. Yarbro-Bejarano retired in December 2014 from 20 years as a Full Professor Emerita in the department of Iberian and Latin American Cultures at Stanford University. Dr. Bejarano has an MA and PhD from Harvard University. She began work with Craciun Research in 2014; and now serves as its primary Qualitative Analyst. Her research has always focused on the representation of race, class, sexuality and gender in a variety of media, with an emphasis on reception and interpretation, including different reading strategies and modes of spectatorship. Widely recognized as a leader in her field, she has published extensively and speaks regularly at conferences and lecture series. 

Amy Young, Quantitative Research Analyst

A 25+ year veteran research analyst for Craciun Research, Ms. Young oversees survey development, sampling, algorithm patterns and analysis of quantitative projects. Since 1994, Ms. Young has done extensive market research and political surveys, using SPSS for statistical analysis. She has worked on numerous complex projects with the Craciun Research team. Amy Young brings a wide variety of skills to the management team at Craciun Research including responsibilities for the company’s statistical operations and overall quantitative research design of projects.

Because of her varied experience, Ms. Young is comfortable and knowledgeable about all aspects of business, from product development and marketing, to financial management and technical support systems. She is the guiding force behind the development and maintenance of both the company’s technological backbone as well as the R&D of new, technology-based research products.

Jeanine Spence

Ms. Spence works with companies of all sizes to imagine innovative solutions that deliver customer value. Having worked on both the engineering and design sides of businesses, she represents a unique and valuable perspective for Craciun Group. An 18-year veteran of Microsoft, she uses her expertise in technology solutions to assist our projects and believes in the power of listening closely to people to understand their challenges and ambitions. 

Jeanine is the lead author of the Customer Experience Capability Model, a strategic framework teams use to examine their current skills against exemplary examples and define a transformation roadmap. Jeanine received her bachelors from Reed College and her Masters of Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design. Ms. Spence conducts industry talks and workshops ranging across inclusive design, design thinking, scenario planning, ideation and iteration, and strategic prototyping. She is also involved with Destination Imagination where she teaches design at local schools.


Alana Demattio

Mrs. DeMattio has 13 years of market research experience and joined the Craciun team as a project manager in Alaska eight years ago. She has worked at all levels in data collection research, quickly rising to supervisory and project management positions. 

A Tshimshian and life-long resident of Alaska, Mrs. DeMattio is particularly well qualified and experienced to manage all Craciun Group projects working with the First Peoples of Alaska. She exemplifies our mission to employ diverse populations at every phase of the research process. 

Andrey Maslov

Mr. Maslov brings a wide range of skills to the team at Craciun Research. Since joining the company in 2007, he has held the positions of Project Manager and Operations Manager. In these roles, he was responsible for recruitment, training and supervision of company personnel, and shared responsibility for client relations, new business and project management. As an Instructional Design Consultant, he had developed numerous technical training programs for public utilities. He is experienced in designing and developing educational curriculum that focus on adult learners. Being familiar with highly technical and scientific data through his studies, Mr. Maslov works with a wide range of statistical material to ensure that client’s needs are met above all else.

Mr. Maslov's formal education is in the fields of engineering. One of his degrees is Material Science & Engineering, and the other is Human Centered Design & Engineering with focus on Technical Communication. These influences contribute to his interest in solving challenging situations and seeking to understand unknown variables.

Sarah Andrews

Ms. Andrews is a valued associate for Craciun Group, assisting with client relations, project management, and outreach. Working for marketing agencies in Anchorage, Portland and San Francisco, she has partnered with Craciun Group on projects since 2011. Previously a marketing consultant for a nonprofit and a key account lead for B2B and digital agencies, she’s more than familiar with performing research and developing outreach programs and materials for clients from governmental organizations to fortune 500 tech companies.

Ms. Andrews graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri with degrees in Journalism and Business Administration with emphases in Strategic Communication and Marketing. Her expertise includes stakeholder information gathering with subject matter experts and industry leaders, market research strategy and plan development, target audience identification, marketing materials development in both traditional and digital spheres, and Google Analytics and site trend analysis.