Since 1989, we have been in the market research business, and we've seen a lot of action since that time. As the world changes, so should the way we do research and understand the people around us. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive approach to research. This doesn't mean that we throw out traditional market research methods, but rather we enhance what we can do with modern resources. 


What We offer

Unlike other market research firms, we champion the use of new technologies while still maintaining a deep knowledge of established industry methods and an approach centered on ROI. We stress efficiency in the process—you don’t need five months of mindless research to produce a thousand pages to report something obvious or irrelevant. By ensuring that all deliverables are developed with a client-centered design, seemingly difficult issues can be approached in a more simplified manner. 

Employ an iterative development process.
Large projects delivered in small chunks to give client a chance to review and direct ongoing actions while research is in flight. Rather than waiting for a whole report that includes every aspect of the predefined objectives, the client is presented with portions at each milestone. This allows the research to be adaptable to client’s needs. 

Understand the client.
Before starting the research process, we ensure that the correct problem has been identified. This will result in a narrow research scope. However, it allows the researchers to perform depth analyses rather than breadth.

Data collection utilizes available data.
Our society has too much data that is not being used properly. By utilizing existing sources of information, any deliverables are produced in “faster, cheaper, better” mindset. In addition, with the more limited data collection phase, project turn-around time is decreased.

Analysis goes beyond the statistics.
Statistics make sense when seen in relative context. Of course, all raw data would still be provided to the client in the form of appendices, but that will not be the focus of the report. Instead, the final report will connect the raw and derived data with qualitative elements that were identified initially. This will clearly explain what the data means with respect to the client’s situation. 

Provide recommendations.
Because we emphasize front-end analysis to identify the correct objectives, all reports offer a discussion of the conclusions and recommendations. In place of exhaustive tables filled with statistics and filler content, we connect the research results to the client's particular situation. Of course, the data and methodology is included in the appendix, but is not the central focus of the report.

Our strength lies not only in discovery, but in translating data and analytics into a strategic vision for your business.
— Jean Craciun, Owner and Principle Consultant


  • Benchmark studies 
  • Long-term, phased research
  • Feasibility testing
  • Human-centered usability testing
  • Personas
  • High-quality recruiting 
  • Brand research
  • Data visualization 
  • Program evaluation 

Available services:

  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Data mining and modeling
  • Publicly available data evaluation
  • Social research 
  • Discussions with thought leaders and industry influencers
  • Online methods for all forms of traditional research
  • Legal research
  • Political research